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Nespresso Support Page

This case study is the result of my work on a briefing from Aela's Bootcamp.


The objective of the project at this level is to create the support page for some well-known brand in the market, so that support is done in the easiest and fastest way for the users of the company in question. This page should be for the web, with a focus on standard page, no responsiveness and no worries on mobile.

How to simplify access to our Machine Assistance and acquire more clients to the Loyalty Program

A Study Interface

Users have found it difficult to understand and find a way to get assistance for their Nespresso Coffee Machine.

Also, the company needed to get more consumers to the loyalty program and have an increase in the purchase of coffee capsules.

Notes, points and some wireframes studies on paper

Some problems identified

Nespresso Assistance Old Page
Base page reference to the analysis

- Lost users: Where is my machine number?

- Where is the Assistance telephone number?

- Lots of texts;

- Search for machine Assistance:

- Call to Action: Bring more users to Nespresso & YOU Club.

A Market Overview

The coffee pods and capsules market is predicted to record a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 7.1%, during the forecast period (2019 - 2024).

The market is highly driven by increasing usage of single-serve coffee in households, especially in North American and European regions. Consumers are willing to purchase coffee machines to recreate the cafe-style experience at home.

This has led key players in the coffee market to introduce coffee pods that are compatible with popular machines, such as Nespresso, to exploit this trend. In 2014, more than 25 million Keurig® and K-Cup® Brewers were installed in homes and offices across America, with millions more being sold each quarter.

The major product is not the machine itself

Coffee pods and capsules are single or more than single-serving of coffee beans that are tamped, pre-measured, and packed in as pods and capsules. These are designed to withstand the pressure of a capsule coffee machine and requires pressure to brew the product.

The ease-of-use of these products that give premium flavor to coffee, good marketing by the key players (Nespresso, Keurig Green Mountains, and JDE) and the wide variety of flavors have contributed to an increase in their popularity.

The market is largely dominated by Nestlé and JDE, with a high global presence of their brands Nespresso, Keurig, Tassimo, Senseo, and Dolce Gusto. Other key players, such as Kraft Foods, Dunkin Brands, Starbucks Corporation also held a prominent share in the global market in 2018.

Key Market Trends

Increasing Demand for Coffee Pods and Capsules in Online Retail Channels

The number of orders placed for coffee capsules grew by 53% over the past 12 months (2019) and accounted for more than half of all coffee orders online.

Coffee Pods and Capsules Online Retailing

The online retailing segment had a value share approaching 27% of the single-serve coffee maker market in 2018 and is predicted to further gain significant market share during the forecast period.

Benchmark Loyalty Programs

The Importance and Benefits of Customer Loyalty

Studies have shown that acquiring a new customer costs an average business around 5-25X more than re-selling to a current one. Moreover, it was found the existing customers spend 67% more than the new ones. That being said, it’s clear that customer loyalty pays off.

Here are some of the main benefits of having a loyal customer base:

  • Better customer retention (and less churn)

  • Customer referrals (or word-of-mouth marketing)

  • Cost-efficiency

  • Reviews, testimonials, and other user-generated content

Italian coffee Illy loyalty plans

Nespresso challengers


They don't have a name for subscription programs for Illy coffee lovers.

To promote the subscription programs they gave discounts (10%), free delivery, and extra coffee capsules.


Loyalty Program: Lavazza da te

They have two Lavazza subscriptions: one only for the capsules, for those who already own a Lavazza A Modo Mio machine, and want to save 40% on their favorite capsules. The other one is for machine and capsules when a Lavazza A Modo Mio machine is for free by purchasing a certain quantity of Lavazza capsules. And delivery is always free.

The great advantage of Lavazza da te is a flexibility and personalized program


Reportedly, Starbucks planners observed that many, if not most, customers stood in line using their smartphone. When they ordered, customers had to put the phone down to extract cash or a credit card from a wallet or purse. Starbucks realized that letting customers pay with their phone would eliminate the entire juggling process.

The Lesson: Starbucks, with its wildly successful app, shows us that if you develop systems that eliminate steps and make transactions simple, people will use those systems and buy your product.

Starbucks Rewards: facilities to pay and lots of bonus

Other Loyalty Programs Looking at some big reward programs of various categories and take notes some analyses about an online travel agency and a car-sharing app.Writing a blog is a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field and captivate your readers’ attention. Do you want to improve your site’s SEO ranking? Consider topics that focus on relevant keywords and relate back to your website or business. You can also add hashtags (#vacation #dream #summer) throughout your posts to reach more people, and help visitors search for relevant content.

Genius Levels on Booking: the more you reserve, you increase benefits

The loyalty program can return to your profile discount rates, upgrades, and free breakfasts on your trips booked with them.

You’ve booked 5 times! Enjoy your travel discounts and rewards. Geniuses also get an extra 10% off at popular properties around the world. Get complimentary perks such as welcome drinks, free airport transfers, and late check-out - just for Genius customers.

For those who host, the great feature on their website as you get preferential treatment in search results and email blasts to their mailing list.

Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond categories


With Uber Rewards the user joins for free in the Uber app and will earn points for dollars spent on rides and Uber Eats and earn rewards every 500 points. Plus, get more points in other categories as UberX, and Uber Black.

In another example, the benefits increases as much as one uses the services and the app could get more loyalty consumers at these ultra-competitive market.

Ideas and Sketches

I usually start the design process with a lot of words, phrases, important points, and many questions on paper. So I start to draw some low fidelity wireframes. This is the way I iterate through many design options quickly.

Pointing items like "good photos" and "good colors" to my notes to remember to resemble in the layout like the luxury and unique style like Nespresso brand marketing presents itself to the public.

Besides, I've put the question with the main problem on one side and the simple steps to conclude in a call-to-action button at the end.

A question and a simple basic steps to explain with space and clear layout

Positive Points

I search on the website and change the country location to find differences and similarities in each of them. Basically, the structure is the same with a few changes in marketing and promotions.

I found the main menu useful, easy to understand, so I decided to keep it almost as it is, the menu itself it's not a problem. Many pages on the Nespresso website are more efficient for the user to solve their problem or reach the desired action, but we don't see this on the Technical Assistance page.

I want to simplify with a question and basic steps. Meanwhile, the page must present options in the loyalty program that embraces the Assistance in the pack.

Nespresso & YOU benefits do not include any Machine Technical Assistance

The longer you stay with us, the more benefits you get to enjoy

These are the Nespresso & YOU levels: Connoisseur, Expert & Ambassador

Include this benefit


A Nespresso Assistance Signature --> full-service assistance package/ monthly signature ---> pick-up and repair included --> loan machine included

BENEFITS: Progressive discounts on the three loyalties programs. Users can add work + home machines.

Offering Technical Assistance could also be included as an upgrade, a gift, or a luxury item added on Nespresso&YOU.


Free delivery on Standard mode for all orders from 100 capsules made through the website, app, or phone, plus a Nespresso Assistance Signature for whole protection with machine assistance. One point (one address). Signing NESPRESSO ASSISTANCE with a Connoisseur Plan you get10% discount on capsules.

Expert & Ambassador + NESPRESSO ASSISTANCE:

Free delivery on Standard mode for all orders placed through the website, app, or phone, plus a Nespresso Assistance Signature for whole protection with machine assistance until 2 points of assistance like home and work, for example. Signing NESPRESSO ASSISTANCE with an Expert or Ambassador Plan you get 20% and 30% discount on capsules respectively.

What else?

Once I resume the problems, try some options on draft wireframes, I started designing the study screens in Adobe XD wireframes.

Firsts tests: Simplify the first page of technical assistance with 3 steps and CAT Nespresso & YOU - test one
Simplify the first page of technical assistance

First Studies:

  • I've visited many Nespresso sites of different countries and the option with the screen divided into two showed so clear to visualize all the information at once.

  • This study was for basic web desktop format but made from the 12 guide columns.

  • The 3 steps try to resolve the questions about the lost users, lots of texts, and the fact that the visitors were trying hard to find the assistance telephone number.

  • Firstly, I've followed a B&W style, with a photo of a Nespresso machine that the design can be classified as modern retro and sophisticated.

  • The button "sign up here" calls to action for more Nespresso Club signatures.


Low fidelity wireframe page: the idea was presenting Loyalty Programs Nespresso & YOU + Nespresso Assistance Benefits side by side. The assistance could be a monthly plan like Netflix, Spotify, Deezer, or be an upgrade to a loyalty program when it acquires a certain quantity of capsules per month.

Page presenting the Nespresso Assistance Signature and the benefits within the Capsules Loyalty Program (Nespresso&YOU)

Nespresso & YOU + Nespresso Assistance Benefits

Presenting side by side and the benefits that the customer will have with the fidelity to Nespresso Brand, could be a solution for an easier way to get assistance for their Nespresso Coffee Machine.

Also, with more customers engaging in loyalty programs and an association with the purchase of coffee capsules to get the Machine Assistance Better could gain in efficiency with fast assistance with the data already informed on a basis is easier to help and send assistance only when necessary. More benefits are customer retention, referrals (word-of-mouth marketing), a client satisfied can write reviews, testimonials, and other user-generated content.

Thanks for your attention!

For the complete research and details see this.

This was a case study on a briefing from Aela's Bootcamp.

May 2020


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