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Parsly is a visionary data company dedicated to enhancing the profitability of restaurants and their supporting vendors.

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Parsly is for simplifying the process of ordering supplies for restaurants and hospitality business

I worked as Product Designer for 1 yr 5 months (Jan 2022 - May 2023) from Lisbon, Portugal.

Initiated and led the Parsly redesign for the commercial app stores. Parsly app helps Swedish restaurants to save money by securing the right prices, products, and suppliers. I worked with multiple teams during the project to revamp the application's usability, interfaces, and branding.

App Story

Despite the digitization of various aspects of the restaurant industry in recent years, purchasing data between restaurants and vendors is still analog.

That means most restaurants can’t track their costs. And most restaurant vendors don’t know what their competitors are charging, or where to find new customers. Parsly is changing that by building an industry-wide set of purchasing data for restaurants and vendors.

It's a free app that analyzes restaurants’ purchases and shows how they can spend smarter and earn more. We connect vendors with competitor insights they won’t find anywhere else, and help them find their next, the best customers.

Simplifying restaurant business management for owners

Managing a restaurant is a demanding endeavor. It entails overseeing cash flow, handling paperwork, and keeping an eye on the future—all while running day-to-day operations. The Parsly app's objective is to streamline numerous essential tasks for small business owners, granting them more time to focus on running their establishments effectively.


Design Process

The app design process for Parsly had the aim of achieving a major presence in the restaurant market in Stockholm, Sweden, likely involving several stages.


Research and Analysis: The process begins with understanding the needs, pain points, and preferences of the target market, specifically restaurants in Stockholm. This involves conducting market research, benchmarking, competitor analysis, and gathering user feedback to identify opportunities for improvement. This phase was a crucial part made in collaboration with the Sales Team.


Conceptualization and Ideation: Based on the research findings, I generate ideas and concepts for enhancing the existing application. This stage involves brainstorming sessions, sketching wireframes, and creating prototypes to visualize potential solutions.

User Experience (UX) Design: The UX design phase focuses on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the application. It involves mapping out user flows, designing wireframes and mockups, and conducting usability tests to ensure an improved user experience.

  • Development and Iteration: Once the UX design is finalized, the development team starts implementing and building the application. This phase involves coding, integration of necessary functionalities, and continuous iterations based on user feedback and testing.

Establishing transparent purchasing for restaurateurs, in order for them to increase their profitability and save up their time for them to focus on their passion.

App version 2021:

First version 2021

The version launched in apps stores in April 2023:

app stores version 2023

I used Figma to collaborate and showcase my work to the whole team.



Swedish Restaurants hit by a double blow

The Swedish restaurant industry is in a deep crisis, with 86% more bankruptcies compared to the same time last year. Those who survived the pandemic are now grappling with soaring costs and guests with less to spend than before. With the help of AI and machine learning, Parsly assists restaurants in taking control of their variable costs for increased profitability and greater resilience in difficult times.

Restaurant owners know best how to run their own business. But, due to outdated and analog processes, it is almost impossible for them to make informed and timely decisions about pricing and purchasing. Parsly’s mission is to provide them with a continuous and updated view of what they purchase, from whom, at what price, and how often.

Everyone who runs a business knows that profit is the result of revenue minus costs – a seemingly simple equation. However, for restaurants, the cost of raw materials, which typically accounts for up to a third of the cost base, is anything but simple. Hundreds of products are ordered every week, from fruits to fish, with fluctuating prices from different suppliers.

Prices have always varied based on availability and season, but now, in a time of record high inflation, war, and decreased agricultural efficiency, it is harder than ever to get a clear picture of the true cost of every meal. Rising costs also make it difficult for many restaurants to maintain the same level of quality at a reasonable price.

Parsly’s platform is the first of its kind in Sweden. The goal is to help restaurants spend smarter and earn more through AI and data-driven purchasing insights. By eliminating much of the restaurant’s manual administration, Parsly also saves a lot of time for its users.

Parsly analyzed the purchase data of three renowned Stockholm restaurants, revealing a substantial average price increase of 49% for their top ten products over the past year. Notably, one restaurant experienced a staggering 356% price difference for tomatoes between their lowest and highest prices.

Furthermore, the service is free for restaurants. Instead, fees are charged to various market actors who benefit from Parsly’s comprehensive price and purchasing data, by which they can optimize their operations. Essentially, the goal is to digitize analog and outdated processes to create added value, where everyone profits.

In summary, with Parsly’s platform, restaurants gain full control over their food and drink costs – without any effort on their part. This equips them with better information to make them more profitable and therefore more resilient in difficult times.

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For the complete research and details, see this Notion archive.

June 2023



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