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about me

Hello! I'm Ana. I'm a highly creative and detail-oriented problem-solver with an interdisciplinary background in Architecture, Design, and Business Management. My approach goes beyond merely defining and solving problems; I actively consider the broader impact on society, people, and the environment, aiming to create captivating and meaningful experiences.

With over 20 years of design experience and excellent communication skills, I thrive in collaborative environments, readily sharing ideas and presenting projects to clients and teams. Furthermore, I excel in Business Experience, Research, and User-Centered Design. As a lifelong learner, I constantly strive for personal development and love conducting User Research using qualitative/quantitative and the best design methodologies. I am always prepared for new challenges and opportunities in crafting innovative solutions.

Being a designer means wholeheartedly believing in a better way of doing things. 


  • Master Interface Design | Product Design | Professional Certification - Aela

  • Business Administration | Postgraduate - FGV

  • Design | M.A. - UERJ

  • Architecture and Urbanism | B.A. - UFRGS


​Figma | Miro | Notion | Invision | Adobe Creative Cloud | HTML | CSS | Agile | Scrum

Market Research |  Competitive Analysis | User Interviews | Surveys | Contextual Inquiry | Heuristic

Evaluation | Usability Evaluation | Empathy Mapping | Personas | Storyboarding | Affinity Mapping | 

Wireframes | Journey Mapping

English | Spanish | Portuguese (Native)

Atlassian tools for documentation and project management

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